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Geometry Dash World Apk

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Geometry Dash World was released on December 21, 2016, for both Android and iOS phones. It is a rhythmic mobile-based game developed by RobTop. It is part of the five Geometry Dash game series. The original game had 21 official levels but more than 21 million are available online for download. A unique background music accompanies each level. Additional features include map packs, level editor, secret coins, user-created levels and a variety of game modes and icons, three secret vaults and three shops. Geometry Dash World is a 2D game that lets players move a square to the end of a level while avoiding hitting obstacles. The square moves along the levels non-stop and you will need to jump to avoid obstacles. If you hit an obstacle you will have to start again.  Download our Geometry Dash World Apk here.

Geometry Dash World Apk

How to Play Geometry Dash World Apk

Gameplay is the same with other Geometry Dash titles. If you are playing on a mobile phone you will need to touch the screen for you to jump and avoid hitting obstacles. By downloading update 2.1 you are able to unlock new features like the vault and the vault of secrets. This brings new icons, achievements and the ability to create new levels.

The game has several levels with special events and daily challenges. You can unlock new characters, icons and change game settings as you find fit. While the gameplay is simple you will find more difficult levels as you progress in the game. The game main objective is to reach the end of the level while avoiding all obstacles. You can unlock all the levels –with the exception of demon rated level. This means you can play the levels out of order.

Geometry Dash World APKFor each official level, players can collect up to three secret coins. These are scattered throughout the game; some can be found in more challenging levels. With the icon, you can access separate game modes. The game modes interact differently with each other in the game. You can change the game modes through the portals. To change the size of an icon use the size portal while to reverse the game view use the mirror portal. You can also change the gravity of the icons through the gravity portals. To duplicate an icon use the dual portals while to change the speed of the icon use the speed arrows. With the portals, players can play the game as they wish.

Players get rewarded with colors on main levels and icons whenever they complete a level. To purchase icons, trails in the shop and death effects use the mana orbs.

Game levels in Geometry Dash

The game has 21 official levels with 18 available for play from the start. Players get rewarded for completing a level. There are a total of 63 secret coins with 3 available in each official level. You use these secret coins to unlock the three demon levels. You will also need ten to unlock Clubstep and twenty for the theory of everything. Deadlocked can be unlocked by 30 coins. Till Geometry Dash 2.0 update players required 20 coins to unlock clubstep and 30 to unlock theory of everything 2.

The various levels in the game vary in terms of difficulty levels. Some require continuous gameplay to unlock and master. In fact, online levels are often harder than the official levels. With each game update, the difficulty level keeps increasing. In the official levels, the difficulty begins with easy and ends with a demon. The stars determine the difficulty level of a game. The players get a certain number of stars when they complete the game. The official level has more stars than the custom ones. This is illustrated by the fact that demon levels have 14 stars, 15 stars for the official levels and just 10 stars for the custom ones.

Players can learn the game through the practice mode. This is available in all levels. In the mode, you will find various checkpoints which you can use to restart the game instead of starting the game from the beginning. You will find the diamond-shaped gem checkpoints in green color.

Geometry Dash World has custom levels as well as 21 official levels. But the custom levels can only be accessed if you are playing the full version. Notable objects in the game include rings, blocks, portals, jump pads, spikes and user coins. You can collect new coins by having the existing ones verified. You can also use them to unlock the vault. In order to make it possible to beat, the player must use all their existing coins in the normal mode. To verify a mode complete a run in a single attempt or collect coins in another. If you happen to make any changes in the game then it will not be verified. You will have the levels having custom music from New grounds or find the in-game music. Geometry Dash World Apk

A unique ID is allocated to each user- created level; though the older levels have an ID that is lower. This enables the player to play a level without searching for its name. RobTop decides the difficulty level for the custom games. Designers send the levels to RobTop for rating. You, however, cannot play the games offline line the official levels unless you had downloaded them before.

Geometry features various achievements which an unlocked by collecting a predefined number of stars, completing official levels, completing demon rated levels, rating custom levels, liking and disliking online levels; the secret achievements need special means to unlock them. You can also unlock them by collecting shards which can be found in the daily chests or demon chests. When players unlock achievements they are able to get rewards such as colors, icons, and trails. Other customized features available to the player include a secondary color glow found behind the black border, selecting trails behind icons and death effects.

One distinguishing feature found in Geometry Dash World is the Secret vaults. You unlock the first vault by acquiring 10 silver coins which need to be verified. The second vault requires 50 diamonds and the last vault will require the player to locate an emblem that can be found in a treasure room. Players need 500 diamonds to unlock.

The five Games in Geometry Dash

The distinguishing feature in Geometry Dash Lite is that the player cannot access certain features that you find in the purchased version. Geometry Lite does not also enable players to make their own levels and are limited to the Electroman adventures in the main level. Players cannot create accounts, access the daily chests, plus the three shops are locked from shops. Players can also not play shards of power. Geometry lite players can also not access customized vehicles or some achievements.

On December 16, 2015, Geometry Dash Meltdown was created as a spin-off to the popular game. It was released on December 17, 2015. To those who do not own the full version, they can access 3 levels that are used to display the 2.0 features. Geometry Dash meltdown is available in both Android and iOS. RobTop made a spin-off of the Geometry dash called dash world on December 21, 2016. You will find in each world 5 levels that include additional two worlds. You also have a new vault, levels and rewards, a shop, 2.1 icons, and secret chests that are created to highlight the new 2.1 features. This comes as updates to the full version.

Geometry Dash SubZero was announced by RobTop on December 12, 2017, and was released on December 21, 2017. The game has new features like new icons and camera control triggers. It comes in three levels. The game has become the last stand-alone game made by RobTop in the Geometry Dash titles.

Game Development of Geometry Dash

It was Robert Topala plan to create Geometry dash to be what it is. He said that they had no particular direction when developing the game. Initially what the developers did was develop a cube that could jump and avoid obstacles. This later changed to make the game available for mobile phones; making a shift from PCs. The game took four months to develop and was later made available in both Google Play and App Store. A beta version had Geometry Dash going by the name Geometry Jump. When the game was first introduced, geometry Dash had just seven levels. Six more levels were released with the full version, they included cycles, time machine, clutterfunk, xStep, Electroman Adventures and theory of everything.

How to Use Geometry Dash World Apk

Geometry Dash World Apk enables players to play Geometry Dash World game on their IOS and Android phones. While the game can be played on a normal PC Apk can be downloaded on your phone. In case you find difficulties, downloading the game you can first download it on your computer then transfer it to your phone memory through a USB. Our editor enables players to become Geometry Dash World designers. You can easily level up in the game and access more items. This makes the game more interesting and enables you to finish a level within the fastest time possible. Our Apk has been created with the user in mind and has a friendly user interface. You can conveniently access most of the editing tools which are simple and straightforward. The Geometry Dash World Apk helps users create a gaming experience that is beyond their imagination. The Apk enables you to carry the game on the go.Geometry Dash World APK

Comparability and Security

To ensure that we serve all the customers who visit our site for Geometry Dash World Apk we have made the Apk to be compatible with almost all PCs – this includes Microsoft Windows and Mac Pcs. You can choose to use your smartphone browser to download Geometry Dash World Apk or download it through your PC browser then transfer the files to your phone through Wi-Fi or USB. The Apk operates on Android and iOS smartphones. The Apk does not interfere with how you play the game; you will not experience any blockages or errors when playing the game. Security is of paramount importance when it comes to downloads on our site. We have a safe, secure site that is free from any malware and viruses. This means you will not find any bugs when playing the game. Our Geometry Dash World Apk targets all types of users. It has a friendly user interface that is suitable for beginners.

Customer Support

We have taken the right steps to ensure that customers can reach us 24/7 in case of any problems and queries. Our team of customer care staff is on standby to serve you as soon as you experience any problems. Besides, we are constantly updating our site with relevant and useful applications to help you in your everyday gaming needs. You can send us your ideas and comments on our suggestion box. We are always keeping up to date with the latest gaming developments to ensure that the Geometry Dash World Apk that you download is the very latest.

Why Choose Us?

We have been in the gaming industry for decades. This makes us experts in the industry. Our gaming Apk is safe and secure and does not interfere with how you play the game. Geometry Dash World Apk helps users play the game on their smartphones.Geometry Dash World Apk

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