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Robert Topala developed geometry dash. The game has five titles and was released to the in 2013. The game has a total of 38 levels with 21 of the levels being available in the full version. You can play all the games with unique background music. The main objective of the game is to move the cube until you reach the end of the level without encountering any obstacles. The player is forced to start again when they encounter obstacles. If you have acquired the full version then you will find the level editor to be very cool. With it you can create new levels and share with friends. To move the cube click on the touchscreen. Download our Geometry Dash full Apk Here.

Geometry Dash Full Apk


How to Play Geometry Dash Full

You can customize most of the character settings like the size of the cube or death effects. This is done on the fourth form in the main menu. Here you can access different shapes for your characters. Not only do you customize the shape of the cube but that of the ship, UFO and the ball. You obtain the objects from accomplishing achievements, entering secret codes, and opening chests. You can also customize the colors in the game. This is then applied automatically to all the customizable shapes.

The game can be played in various ways depending on what device you are using. If it’s on a mobile phone, you move the cube by tapping the touchscreen, use the mouse button or press ‘A’ on your computer. Players are unable to control the speed of the icon unless they press the speed arrows. The rhythm and timing of the game are collated and work together. Geometry Dash full game objective is to reach the end of a level without hitting an obstacle. The moment you do this you are forced to go back to the beginning of the game. You unlock all levels – with exception of demon level – from the start. As you progress the player is able to collect three secret coins that available in each official level. This is often hidden or scattered throughout the game.

The game icon often takes the form of seven separate game modes and this behaves differently upon interacting with each other. You can change the seven game modes through the use of game portals. The size portal changes the size of the icon while the mirror portals reverse game view. To reverse gravity use the gravity portals and to duplicate an icon use the dual portals. The speed of the icon can be controlled through the five-speed arrow sets. With all these features you are able to play the game depending on how you have customized the game. Dash arrows enable the icon to move along a straight line until death or when you release your finger when you are playing with a mobile phone.

What are the various levels in Geometry Dash Full Game?

Geometry Dash Full APKPlayers are often rewarded with icons and colors on the main levels whenever they complete a stage. You can use the mana orbs to purchase death effects, purchase icons or trails in shops. There are 21 official levels in Geometry dash with 18 of them being available from the start. You get a lot of rewards for completing a level. You have three secret coins available for each level and this makes a total of 63. You use the secret coins to unlock the three demon levels. You will need 10 coins to unlock Clubstep and 20 to unlock theory of everything 2 while deadlocked requires 30 coins. Before the 2.0 update, 20 coins were required to unlock clubstep while 30 coins can be used for the theory of everything.Geometry Dash Full Apk

The levels in Geometry Dash full vary in difficulty level. Some can be beaten by novices while some will require continuous gameplay just to unlock them. The online levels have proven to more difficult than the official ones. This can be attributed to a large number of game programmers available online. With new levels and updates coming up the difficulty level in this games has continued to rise with each release. Some levels are classified on the basis of difficulty from easy to difficult. In some game, the categorization is very random and levels are stacked based on the date of release.

Stars are used in Geometry Dash for symbolizing the difficulty level in the games. Players get a certain number of stars for completing a level. Official levels tend to have more stars than the custom ones. This is illustrated by the fact that you need 14 stars for the demon levels like the theory of everything 2 and clubstep, 15 stars for deadlocked which happens to be an official level and only 10 stars for the custom levels. If you are a beginner you will find the Geometry Dash practice mode to be very valuable. It has various checkpoints which you can use to restart the game instead of starting from the beginning. This can be identified as green, diamond-shaped gems.

Custom levels supplement the over 21 official levels. But, they can only be accessed in the full version. Some outstanding objects in these levels include rings, blocks, portals, jump pads, spikes and user coins. You will need to verify new coins and use them to unlock the vault. In order to beat the game, you will need to use all your coins in normal mode. Levels can be verified in separate attempts when one completes a run or by collecting coins at another. This changes, however, remain unverified. The levels usually have their own background music from the new grounds or you can have the same music in the game.

Geometry Dash allocates a unique ID for each user-created level. If you have an older level then the ID is lower. The unique IDs help you to locate a level without searching for its name. User-created levels just like the official levels are classified by difficulty levels; this is verified by RobTop. However, they cannot be played offline like the official levels unless the player had downloaded them prior.

Geometry Dash features various unlockable achievements. This can be unlocked through collecting a certain number of stars, finishing demon rated levels, liking an disliking online levels, completing official levels, and rating custom levels. You can also unlock collecting shards which are obtained from daily chests, or from demon chests or from completing the shard’s gauntlet. When players unlock achievements you are rewarded with colors, icons, and trails. Other customized features include a secondary color glow on the icon, death effects and a selection of trails behind icons.

Geometry Dash full stands out with its three secret vaults. The first vault is unlocked when the player presents 10 verified user coins, the second vault requires 50 diamonds while the last needs the player to access an emblem that can be found in the treasure room. This also requires 500 diamonds to unlock.

Other Games in Geometry Dash Franchise

Geometry Dash Lite does not allow players to access some features exclusive to the purchased version. Lite players cannot make their own levels and are limited to the Electroman adventures in the main level. Players cannot create accounts, access the daily chests, plus the three shops are locked from shops. Shards of power subfolder are also locked to players. Geometry lite players can also not access customized vehicles or some achievements.

Geometry Dash meltdown was announced as a spin-off on December 21, 2016. It was released the following day. To those who do not own the full version, they can access 3 levels that are used to display the 2.0 features. Geometry Dash meltdown is available in both Android and iOS. RobTop made a spin-off of the Geometry dash called dash world on December 21, 2016. You will find in each world 5 levels that include additional two worlds. You also have a new vault, levels and rewards, a shop, 2.1 icons, and secret chests that are created to highlight the new 2.1 features. This comes as updates to the full version.

Geometry Dash Full ApkOn December 12, 2017, RobTop company announced the latest spin-off to the Geometry Dash games titled the Geometry Dash Subzero. The game comes with three levels with the option to add your own icons and triggers such as the camera control. At the moment it is ranked as the only standalone game developed by RobTop gaming company.

Geometry Dash Full Game Development

Robert Topala developed the game with RobTop taking up the publishing rights. Initially, the project would have taken any direction and it was not the intention of Robert to turn the game into what it is currently. He first started with a simple plan to create a template for a gaming cube that could jump and crash. The first game was only available on PCs before it moved to mobile phones. It took Robert four months to develop the game while finding inspiration for the impossible game. The games were later made available for App Store and Google Play. Geometry Dash was initially titled Geometry Jump in the beta version before the game was changed. The first games had only seven levels before the six more levels were released for the full version. This new levels included xStep, time machine, clutterflux, electroman adventures and theory of everything.

How to use Geometry Dash Full Apk

Geometry Dash Full APK enables the player to carry the game whenever they are going through their mobile phone. You can download the Apk directly to your mobile phone or download it first to your computer and then transfer the file to your phone. Geometry Dash Full is a great game with excellent collectible coins, secret vaults, and exciting levels. The APK comes loaded with awesome editing features that enable you to create your own unique gaming world. Our APK is free from malware and viruses and you will not experience any blockages when playing the game. You will find most of the features on the PC in your APK.Geometry Dash Full APK

Compatibility and Security

The game Apk is compatible with most computers including Microsoft and Mac. You can easily access the Apk on your mobile phone. This enables you to play the Geometry Dash Full Apk wherever you are going. In case you find error messages when downloading the Apk to your smartphone change the phone settings to allow downloads from unknown sources. Our APK is free from bugs and malware. Do not be worried about doing downloads from our site. To serve all our customers we have ensured that our Apk is simple and straightforward and can be used by beginners.

Customer Support

Our customer care team is available 24/7 to respond to any queries that you may have. We always ensure that the downloads made on our site are the latest in the market. Our site is safe and secure. Geometry Dash Full has many customized levels and what better way to enjoy the game than by downloading our Geometry Dash Full Apk. Our editor enables players to unlock special coins and upgrade their levels.

Why Choose Us?

We have ensured that you do not face any blockages when playing the game. The Geometry Dash Full version Apk works on many mobile platforms including Android and iOS. You can play the game just like in the console. Our Apk is user-friendly and suitable for beginners.Geometry Dash Full Apk

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