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The Geometry games consist of five titles developed by Swedish programmer –Robert Topala – and published through his company RobTop Games. The first title has 21 official levels but programmers have added more than 40 million levels online. You will notice that each level has its own unique background music. Additional features include map packs, level editor, user-created levels, various icons, secret coins and game modes. You also get three secret vaults in the new versions and three shops. The game retails at an average price of $1.99 and is available for both iOS and Android. You can access the lite which has fewer features than the main game. In the game, the player takes the form of various entities that include a ball, UFO, and the cube.

Geometry Dash Apk

How to Play Geometry Dash Game

The game is a clicking and tapping game where the player takes control of different vehicles through using the mouse, tapping on the touchscreen, if using a controller using the A button, and the player can be held by some vehicles. The player does not have the freedom to increase the vehicles speed and has to wait for the speed icon to appear on the screen. This appears as an arrow set. Music and rhythm interact with each other and influence actions in the game.

The main objective of this masterpiece is to complete a stage to its end but a player will be forced to start again when they hit an obstacle. You have to unlock all the levels from the start – with exception to the demon rated levels. The games are played out of order. Special secret coins are hidden and scattered throughout the game and the player has an obligation to locate them. They are also hidden in challenging areas.

The player can choose to play in seven different game modes; they interact differently with each other. You can change the game modes with seven separate portals; the size portals enable the player to change the size of the icon, while the mirror modes help players reverse game view. Gravity portals are used to change gravity portals while to duplicate the icon you use the dual portal. To change the speed of the icon you use the five different speed arrow sets. With these features, the player has an array of different features available to them. This makes the game interesting. Dash arrows enable you to release your finger when using a mobile phone or you can use them to go on a straight line until death. Should a player complete a level they get awarded colors on main levels or icons. They can also purchase death effects, icons, or traits in the shops.

Levels in Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash APKIn the main level, you have 21 levels with 18 being available for play from the start. You get rewarded for completing a level. 3 secret coins can be found in each of the official levels; this totals 63. With the coins, the player can unlock 3 demon levels. All the levels have various difficulty levels which can be unlocked by some people after several attempts. The creators of the online levels have created them to be more difficult than the rest. The levels begin easy and go all the way to the demon.Geometry Dash Apk

Geometry dash uses stars for difficulty levels; the player also gets them after completing a level. You get more stars in the official levels than custom ones. In clubstep and theory of everything, the demon levels is rated 14 while the deadlocked one has 15. Custom levels have 10. You can use the practice mode at any level. Instead of starting at the beginning you can use checkpoints to restart the game.

Custom levels supplement the 21 official levels. You can only access the custom levels if you have purchased the full version. Some of the items that you can use include rings, blocks, jump pads, spikes, portals, and user coins. You can collect new coins once they have been verified. They can also be used to unlock a vault.

Players are charged with completing their own level in normal mode with the coins they have. You can verify a mode by collecting coins in another while completing a run. If you do any changes the level will go unverified. You can have custom music from the new groups or have the same music present in the game. A unique ID is given for each user created level. Older levels have old IDs. This can be used in playing a level without you searching the name. user created levels have their own difficulty levels which are similar to the official levels. RobTop decides this. You can send a level to be rated. Unless you had previously downloaded them the levels cannot be played offline.

Geometry has several achievements available. You can unlock these levels by either collecting a certain amount of stars, completing official levels, completing demon rated levels, liking or disliking online levels, adding friends, rating custom levels, or unlocking some through undisclosed means. You can unlock achievements by collecting shards. This can be found from the daily chests or demon chests. Shards can also be obtained through the shard’s gauntlet.

The player gets rewarded for unlocking achievements with colors, traits, or icons. Other customizable features can also be unlocked like secondary colors, special traits through icons and death effects. Geometry Dash has three secret vaults. You unlock the first one by acquiring 10 silver coins or 2nd one is through 50 diamonds. Acquiring an emblem that is hidden behind the treasure room is the third option. This last option lets you acquire 500 diamonds. A text box appears in the display screen and this enables you to decipher secret achievements and tricky riddles. This, in turn, unlocks more new traits and coins.

What are other Geometry games are available?

In the Geometry Lite players are unable to access some features exclusive to the purchased version. Lite players cannot make their own levels and are limited to the Electroman adventures in the main level. Players cannot create accounts, access the daily chests, plus the three shops are locked from shops. Shards of power subfolder are also locked to players. Geometry lite players can also not access customized vehicles or some achievements.

Geometry Dash meltdown was announced as spin-off on December 21, 2016. It was released the following day. To those who do not own the full version, they can access 3 levels that are used to display the 2.0 features. Geometry Dash meltdown is available in both Android and iOS.

RobTop made a spin-off of the Geometry dash called dash world on December 21, 2016. You will find in each world 5 levels that include additional two worlds. You also have a new vault, levels and rewards, a shop, 2.1 icons, and secret chests that are created to highlight the new 2.1 features. This comes as updates to the full version.

The last spin-off by RobTop is Geometry Dash SubZero. It was released on December 21, 2017. Subzero has additional new coins, 3 levels, and triggers that include camera control. RobTop made it the latest standalone game.Geometry Dash APK

Geometry Dash Game Development

The game developer is quoted as saying that there was no particular direction that they were taking when it comes to game development. They were just looking for a simple cube that could jump and crash. Initially, the game was made for PCs but Robert Topala decided to integrate mobile phones. He took four months developing the game while finding inspiration from the impossible game. The game is available on Google Play and Store. Originally the game was called geometry jump before reverting to Geometry Dash Apk.

When the game was released players could only access seven levels but currently, they are free to play in the free version. Updates have also been made in the game to include cycles, time machine, clutterfunk, electroman adventures and theory of everything. The game becomes a success, especially in Canada. In June 2014 it was declared the most popular game for the iPhone. Players get to access four free versions including Geometry lite. The update 2.2 has 13 full versions.

While the game can be challenging for beginners they can start with the practice mode and then move through the other levels at a later stage. 148Apps gave the game positive reviews and highlighted the fact that the game is more accessible to newbies.

How does the Geometry Dash Apk Work?

It works by letting the player engage the game in their PCs or phone. When you download it here you will be able to access some cool editing tools. This will help you customize levels and share with the online community. This unlocks features that you would not have imagined. This APk is user-friendly and lets the player create his or her own unique game world. To use the APK you will need to download the file using your PCs browser. After the download, locate the file in your download folder. Transfer the files to your phone and run the apk from there. You can then use the editing tools to manipulate the game. Our APK is totally safe and secure and we have taken the right steps to ensure that it is free from bugs and malware.

User Interface

When it comes to the user interface we have taken the right steps to ensure a friendly interface. Our developers took in mind the frustration that users face with a complicated Apk. You do not need to be an expert programmer in order to operate our Apk. You will find all editing options at a conveniently locate menu. This lets you create your own unique gaming experience. You can do the editing without learning any programming language. It is suitable for first-time users. We have made the Apk as per our customer requirements. We took the time to understand what our customers what before we embarked in the process of designing this Apk. The APK is suitable for Android and IOS phones.

Compatibility and Security

When it comes to compatibility, you can download it in both Microsoft Windows and Mac computers. This gives players a variety of choices. The game is easily downloadable from our site. Many customers are very apprehensive when it comes to downloading files online. That is why we have deployed some of the best encryption software to ensure that your downloads are safe and secure. Our developers have ensured that the Apk is free from bugs and malware. You will not encounter any form of blockage when you are playing the game. You just simply locate the download button on the site and that is it.

Customer Support

We have a team of customer care staff who are available 24/7 to ensure that your queries are solved within the shortest time possible. We also ensure that we keep up to date with the latest game developments. This makes our phenomenal game the very latest. We are always striving to improve. In case you have suggestions you would like to bring to our attention you can send us a message on our suggestion box.

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We have taken the necessary steps to ensure that our customers get the safest Geometry Dash Apk in the market. Our site is safe and secure and free from malware. We keep up to date with the latest gaming technologies, which ensures that our Apks are one of the best. Our customer care staff are available to offer any support that the customer may have. We assure you that you will love the user interface on this Apk. This is the right time to adjust your game to meet your preferences. Geometry Dash Apk